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Greyhound Rescue
Fido & Wine meets up with Dr. Jean Dodds at her greyhound rescue where she helps provide rehabilitation after the racetrack. Laura takes one of Dr. Dodds' favourite canine foods and makes Sweet Potato Treats, three ways.
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A Wolf's Dinner play
A Wolf's Dinner
In the season premiere of Fido & Wine we learn all about our dog’s ancestors, wolves, with the help of the Bowmanville Zoo. Laura grills some delicious Wolfberry Burgers to celebrate.
Fluffy and Wine play
Fluffy and Wine
Pet nutrition isn’t all about the dogs in this special Cat webisode of Fido & Wine. This time, Pheonix stays at home while Laura’s cat Fluffy takes centre stage (sorry Pheonix!) and samples some kitty friendly Tasty Tuna Treats. Laura also visits Dr. Anya, Kitty M.D., who dishes on home cooked food for felines. With these recipes, every day ...
Best In Show play
Best In Show
Laura stops by the Caledon Kennel Association Dog Show and finds out what it takes to win the coveted blue ribbon. Later, in the kitchen, she makes some delicious dog treats dipped in carob.
Buddy’s Kitchen play
Buddy’s Kitchen
In this webisode, host Laura Ducharme visits red seal chef Maurizio Barbiere and marketing guru Tyler Philps at Buddy’s Kitchen to learn about their fresh, natural foods. Their menu inspires Laura to create a gourmet style lamb and melon salsa dish for Tyler and his pug, Moxie.
Who’s The Boss? play
Who’s The Boss?
Design diva and HGTV host Esther Tracy loves spoiling her Shih tzu, Hugo Boss. Esther welcomes host Laura Ducharme into her home to help make Boss and posse a feast fit for a prince - but Laura’s got a glam treat of her own to share.
Team K9 play
Team K9
In this webisode of Fido & Wine, Laura meets Glen Ramcharan, president of Team-K9, along with his students: talented dogs with remarkable tracking, protection and obedience skills. Glen is a big proponent of fresh and raw foods for dogs, so Laura prepares an all natural beef and chicken jerky recipe, perfect for pups on the go.