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Greyhound Rescue
Fido & Wine meets up with Dr. Jean Dodds at her greyhound rescue where she helps provide rehabilitation after the racetrack. Laura takes one of Dr. Dodds' favourite canine foods and makes Sweet Potato Treats, three ways.
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Lure Coursing play
Lure Coursing
Lure Coursing is a highly competitive sport in which sight-hounds chase an artificial lure across a field at lightning-fast speeds. It’s off to the races in this webisode of Fido & Wine, as host Laura Ducharme watches these incredible athletes compete, cheered on by their enthusiastic and sometimes highly competitive owners!
Round Up Dinner play
Round Up Dinner
Host Laura Ducharme heads into the country to meet the Border Collies of Boywood Farm. Both the dogs and their humans work up an appetite with a day of sheep herding and agility, so Laura whips them up her version of a Round Up dinner.
Feature Creatures play
Feature Creatures
In this webisode of Fido & Wine, Laura is startstruck! She comes face to face with some famous snakes and lizards at Reptilia, and meets the canine superstars that share the role of Toto in Mirvish’s “The Wizard of Oz”. Fish have talent too, so fish-wrangler Carl brings several large eels to strut slither their stuff for the silver screen!
A Recipe For Weight Loss play
A Recipe For Weight Loss
This webisode of Fido & Wine is all about trimming down Fido. Laura Ducharme follows the story of three overweight dogs that follow a special diet and exercise regimen in an effort to get back to a healthy weight. Recipe ideas in this webisode include meal and treat suggestions that may be just right for those pudgy pooches in your life!
Brain Food play
Brain Food
In this webisode of Fido & Wine, you’ll meet a special group of teachers: Professor Dogs! These caring canines visit children in schools who are learning to read. Host Laura Ducharme, along with some junior helpers, cooks up a brain boosting breakfast for the kids and their furry teachers.
Who’s The Boss? play
Who’s The Boss?
Design diva and HGTV host Esther Tracy loves spoiling her Shih tzu, Hugo Boss. Esther welcomes host Laura Ducharme into her home to help make Boss and posse a feast fit for a prince - but Laura’s got a glam treat of her own to share.