Talent Hounds: Behind The Scenes, Part Two

December 17th, 2012


The producers of Talent Hounds, a new documentary slated to air on The Pet Network in 2013, sent us an update on their search for some of Canada’s most gifted canines:

On Sunday November 25, the Talent Hounds crew visited Canine Campus in Markham for one of its first live event Casting Calls. The production team was on location scouting out cuties, tricksters and entertainers to appear in the doc. Their hearts were stolen by the rescues and performers present that night for the Chihuahua & Small Dog Meet Up and Holiday Photo Booth Fundraiser (hosted by Canine Campus and Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport).

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (CCRT) rescues, fosters and provides necessary vet care for Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes across Canada. CCRT has re-homed close to 700 dogs since its inception. One CCRT member who was present that day for both the auditions and the fundraiser told us how she has personally fostered more than 20 Chihuahuas over the years. This demonstrated the pressing need for both the foster and adopting families of homeless Chihuahuas in Canada. (To learn more about the work of the CCRT, read Christine’s story here).

Talent Hounds social media manager Carrie became particularly smitten with a cute little Chi named Rudi, a CCRT rescue fostered by Canine Campus owner Lucinda Glenny (below). Lucinda, who has over twenty-five years’ experience breeding and training dogs, has a reputation for helping dogs with aggression and anxiety issues. Much to the delight of the entire crew and the CCRT, Rudi, also known as Mr. Personality, found his forever home that very afternoon.

The Talent Hounds team were also delighted by the appearance of some beautiful bigger dogs with big talents including: Sophia the Black Lab, Bella the Boston Terrier, Piper the Georgian Bay Sporting Dog, Sunshine the Purple Poodle, Callie the Standard Poodle and Zoe the Whippet.

Sophia, an Ultamutts star famous for her compendium of over a hundred tricks, came all the way from London, Ontario, to audition with trainer Melissa Millett of In Dogs We Trust. As you can see in this video, Sophia has some extraordinary abilities including reading and doing math. Some say that Sophia is even psychic! Talent Hounds was shocked to learn that this lovely lab had been slated to be put down as a pup and waited “behind bars” for over one year, before being discovered and rescued by Melissa. Melissa and Sophia were recently featured in Rick Mercer Report segment on Woofstock along with Bella (below), whom the Talent Hounds crew also had the privilege of filming at Canine Campus.

To learn more about Talent Hounds the documentary visit Talenthounds.ca.

Photos: Trish Aleve



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